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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Johann Pachelbel
1653 - 1706 

Johann Pachelbel German composer and organist. In 1669 he entered the Altdorf University, where he was organist at the Lorenz Church, but left it after less than a year for lack of money and enrolled at the Poeticum Gymnasium in Regensburg in 1670, where he continued his musical training with Kaspar Prentz.


After about five years as deputy organist at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna and one year as court organist in Eisenach, Pachelbel was appointed organist at the Predigerkirche in Erfurt in June 1678, where he stayed for 12 years.


During this time he was extremely successful as an organist, composer and teacher (J.S. Bach's older brother Johann Christoph was one of his students) and was married twice. In 1690 he left Erfurt and after short stays in Stuttgart and Gotha returned to Nuremberg, where he was organist at St. Sebald until his death.

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Pachelbel Canon
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